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Thank you for taking the time to look over our herd of LaMancha Dairy Goats. We are working hard in continuing to develop a consistently productive and stylish herd of animals that will function over a long productive lifetime. We hope that you can see the consistency and the style that we are breeding for when looking at each one of our animals. They continue to bring us joy as we embark on the chores each morning before we head off to work!

W e are located near Lakeport, California on almost 11 acres of flat farm land. We enjoy living in our rural agricultural community. We are close to Megan’s family and have established ourselves within this community. We are constantly coming up with projects to do around here and have come to the understanding that being a homeowner there is work and projects to do all of the time. The baby barn that we put up four years ago seemed big at the time and we thought we would never need anything bigger. Well, we have done what most goat owners do…we grew to fit our facility and now need more barn space!

I (Aaron) ) have been raising dairy goats for 35 years. When I was five years old, my parents owned a sheep ranch and our sheep herder had a goat as a pet. That goat (crossbred Nubian with LOTS of spots) would follow me everywhere, as long as I had her favorite treat in my pockets-- dog food! My parents promised that when I started 4-H, I could get one goat. They followed through with their promise and I got one Saanen type doeling when I started 4-H at the age of nine. That was the only time we had only one goat on our farm. From there we grew to have over 100 goats and then scaled back when I got serious about breeding and showing goats on a National level. I owe a great deal to my parents and the dedication that they had for me and my animals. They were the primary caregivers when I went through college and the first seven years working in Texas as a teacher. I have been very lucky to have my family and friends that have supported and guided me on this grand dairy goat adventure. This dairy goat adventure brought my wife, Megan, into my life. We first met at the 2002 Colorado Nationals; were dating by the Washington Nationals in 2005; and were married following the Wyoming Nationals in 2007! I guess you can say that the goats will always have a special place in both of our hearts.

My herd has transformed from a small area hobby herd into a Nationally Competitive Show herd once I moved to CA with Megan. We try to get out to several shows a year and attend the National Show at least every other year. It is always great to get out and compete with other herds. It helps calibrate our breeding program, but also allows us to see our “family” of goat friends. We are both strong believers in line breeding and know that it takes time and patience when working with bloodlines. We are always on the search for the perfect combination! During the breeding season, both Megan and I are constantly printing out breeding pedigrees off of the ADGA genetics website. At times, it seems that is all we talk about. Bentley and Teagan, our daughters, are not always as interested in those conversations!

The herd has been on standard DHIA test and has had several does win Top Ten honors in the LaMancha breed with Heart-Mt.-Carter-Kids Sara Ann in 2003, Heart-Mt.-Carter-Kids Marissa in 2005, and Heart-Mt.-Carter-Kids Nikki, Heart-Mt.-Carter-Kids ChitChat and Heart-Mt.-Carter-Kids Cholena in 2009! It has been exciting to see the changes, but also the consistency of our herd over the years through using the DHIA program and attending National and Local shows. Here are some of the highlights over the last few years at the National Shows...At the 2006 ADGA National Show I was spellbound when I had the 1st place Milking Yearling with 1st Udder, Heart-Mt.-Carter-Kids Nikki and the 4th place Two Year-Old, Heart-Mt.-Carter-Kids Chula (who was also the 2006 AGS National Champion) and the 3rd place Four Year-Old with Willow Run Nostra Sumatra. At the 2007 ADGA Nationals, I was ecstatic to have received the 1st place Junior Best Three award. At the 2008 ADGA Nationals, we were full of excitement when we had the 1st place Milking Yearling with Heart-Mt. -Carter-Kids Ms Emma, 3rd place Two Year-Old with Heart-Mt.-Carter-Kids Natty, 2nd place Three Year-Old with Heart-Mt.-Carter-Kids Chitchat and 3rd place Three Year-Old with Heart-Mt.-Carter-Kids Nikki, 1st place Five and Six Year-Old with Willow Run Nostra Sumatra, 1st place Dairy Herd, 1st place Senior Get-Of-Sire, and 2nd place Best-3-Females. At the 2009 ADGA Nationals, we were excited to have the 1st place Four Year-Old with Heart-Mt.-Carter-Kids ChitChat, 3rd place Four Year-Old with Heart-Mt.-Carter-Kids Nikki, and 1st place Seven & Over with Willow Run Nostra Sumatra. We then received Reserve National Best Udder with Heart-Mt.-Carter-Kids Nikki! At the 2012 Nationals, we had the first place Intermediate kid, 2nd place Sr. Kid, 3rd place Sr. Kid. We also had 4th place yearling milker, 4th place 2 year old, 2nd place 3 year old. Recently at the 2015 ADGA National Show we had the 1st place Intermediate Kid – Heart Mt Resemblance, 1st place Senior Kid (and National Jr. Champion) Heart Mt Chiclet, and 1st place Milking Yearling - Heart Mt Nikolena.

We take great pride in the management of our animals. The focus is on providing a stress-free, relaxing environment so they can be as productive as they genetically can be. We take every preventative measure when it comes to protecting our herd from CAE and other diseases. We raise all of our kids on heat-treated colostrum for the first 24 hours then we gradually move them onto pasteurized milk until they reach three to four months of age. All of our does are fed the best alfalfa hay in the area and are on a high calorie grain mix, while milking. We follow a regular worming scheduled and are always evaluating their health.

If you are interested in one of our animals or would like to place a reservation on a kid, please feel free to email or call us. We will make a commitment to update this site with new information when it seems pertinent. We hope that you enjoy your visit!


Aaron, Megan, Bentley & Teagan Carter
P.O. Box 1697
Lakeport, CA 95453
(707) 263-3269

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